Direct Photon to TP-Link Device Control
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Full instructions

Add this small file to your project to control TP-Link bulbs and plugs directly with simple subroutine calls.

Poor Man's CAN Bus
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Learn how to connect microcontrollers together using the CAN bus by using a simple AND gate

MyPIR-Sensor activate analog RGB Stripe controlled by Photon
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Full instructions

At my age you have to get up at night and get tired on the way to the bathroom. Using a PIR-Sensor to trigger light on!

IoT Drone - Part 2 - Sensors
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Work in progress

Part 2 incorperates a GPS receiver, 10 DOF IMU, and Ultrasonic distance sensor to be used for flight controls.

MyWeatherstation for indoor & outdoor use
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Full instructions

Check the current conditions: light, temperature, humidity on your smartphone.

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