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Bling your Laptop with an Internet-Connected Light Show
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Full instructions

Create a web-connected light-strip API controllable from your website, using the

Create a Beacon-Enabled Treasure Box
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Full instructions

Create a beacon-enabled treasure box with a remote entry that can enhance a user's experience in a cultural site.

Create a kid-summoner with Spark Core
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Full instructions

Make your spark core send a tweet to your kids when it's time for lunch!

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Build Your Own Sparkling CheerLights LED Display
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Full instructions

CheerLights that are controlled by tweets and that change color in synchronization with all the other CheerLights around the world.

Networked RGB Wi-Fi Decorative Touch Lights
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Full instructions

Easy to use Wi-Fi enabled touch lights that network to give you a beautiful and unobtrusive way to stay connected with the people you love.

Mini Weather
  • 3,178
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Full instructions

Miniature WiFi weather station made to feed data from a terrarium

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