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Garage Door Open with IFTTT and Alexa
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Garage door opener is connected via IFTTT and using a custom Alexa skill.

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  • Keg Inventory Counter 8 days ago

    I purchased the scale you linked to and plugged in the red wires from the right side to AN0 and AN1 and the left side to AN2 and AN3 The white wires to the photon 3.3V and the black to ground. with the scale upside down one side is showing 0mv and the other is .09mv. How can I calibrate this? is there a trick to ordering the red signal wires in the ADC.

    also when I press on the front right load cell the mv goes up and pressing on the back right the mv goes down. is this correct? thanks for any clues you can give me to setting this up correctly.

  • Garage Door Open with IFTTT and Alexa 18 days ago

    yes, using the relay was quite a bit simpler. I have the Particle 4 relay shield but it seemed like overkill for this. With the Alexa voice control, yes someone from the outside "could" let themselves in, but they would need to know the name of the skill (which I named a random person's name because my son though it was funny to invoke the skill with a funny name) and also yell loud enough for my Echo to hear from outside. Not going to happen in my house. But something to think about for sure.

  • Garage Door Open with IFTTT and Alexa 26 days ago

    is it just me or are comments very slow to show up? at least the replies.

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