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Flash this code in your particle to use ubidots
#include <google-maps-device-locator.h>

// NOTE: localData.h should contain the ubidots token in this form:
// This value comes from ubidots -> menu -> API keys -> Authentication token
// #define UBIDOTS_TOKEN "skljfhsakldjdfh29841283840922324"
// Alternatively, do not create localData.h, remove line 8 below 
// and define UBIDOTS_TOKEN in the current file
#include "localData.h"

 ubidots variables

 webhook definition:
  Event name: ubidotsLatLong
  Request type: POST
  Device: Any
  Advanced settings:
  Send custom data: JSON  
  and then enter:

      "value": "{{ubi-value}}",
      "context": {
        "lat": " {{google-lat}}",
        "lng": "{{google-lng}}"
  include default data: no
  enforce ssl: yes
// This value comes from ubidots
const String ubidotsToken = UBIDOTS_TOKEN;

GoogleMapsDeviceLocator locator;

#define APP_NAME "googleMaps"
String VERSION = "Version 0.01";
 * changes in version 0.01:
       * Initial version


void setup()
  Particle.publish(APP_NAME, VERSION, PRIVATE);

  // Scan for visible networks and publish to the cloud every 30 seconds
  // Pass the returned location to be handled by the locationCallback() method

void loop() {

void locationCallback(float lat, float lon, float accuracy) {
  // Handle the returned location data for the device. This method is passed three arguments:
  // - Latitude
  // - Longitude
  // - Accuracy of estimated location (in meters)
  String name = "geo";
  String value = "1"; //dummy value

  Particle.publish("ubidotsLatLong", "{\"ubi-dsl-vl\":\"" + Particle.deviceID() + "/" + name + "\", \"ubi-token\":\"" + ubidotsToken + "\", \"ubi-value\":\"" + value + "\" , \"google-lat\":\"" + lat + "\" , \"google-lng\":\"" + lon + "\"}", 60, PRIVATE);


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Gustavo Gonnet

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Thanks to Winston Ford.


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