Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Photon new
Particle Photon
You'll need a Particle connected to your free account.
Amazon echo dot
Amazon Alexa Echo Dot
You can use an Amazon Echo, Tap, Dot, or the Alexa simulator.


Photon starter sketch source codeC/C++
Copy this code to web IDE and flash it to your device.
Example starting point sketch for Patriot library
This example uses the built-in blue LED only.
It is provided as a quick start for your own sketches.
Written by Ron Lisle
BSD license, check LICENSE for more information.
All text above must be included in any redistribution.
2017-03-28: Use fixed 'patriot' event name.
2017-03-24: Initial creation

#include <IoT.h>
IoT *iot;

void setup() {
    iot = IoT::getInstance();

    iot->addLight(D7, "Led"); // This is the small blue LED on a photon

    // Alexa will respond to "Alexa, turn on photon" or "Alexa, turn off photon"
    // You can change the word 'photon' to whatever you like, but it needs to be something
    // that Alexa can recognize. For now, use a single word.
    iot->addBehavior("Led", new Behavior("photon",'>',0, 100));

void loop() {


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Ron Lisle

Lives in an RV, and is turning it into an IoT showcase using Alexa, iOS, and Professional iOS and Alexa developer.


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