Build internet-connected hardware. Particle gives you the tools to connect everyday electronics to the internet.

Knocki Knock Off
  • 561
  • 7

Full instructions

We are really excited about the new Knocki. So excited in fact we just could not wait to get our hands on one. So we sort of made one.

Particle to AWS-IOT proxy
  • 389
  • 11


AWS-IOT provides server-side state management for applications where the Particle is asleep most of the time, i.e. battery powered.

Monitor Sensors and Control Devices from Apple Watch
  • 885
  • 12

Full instructions

In this article we will create an Apple Watch controlled AC thermostat. However what we cover can be applied to thousands of applications.

Holocron Lamp for the Discerning Jedi
  • 2,052
  • 47

With the wave of your hand, the Holocron opens up keeping you on the light-side.

What should I wear outside?
  • 2,691
  • 54

Full instructions

A whimsical weather clock powered by Particle and

Photon WiFi Strength Meter v2
  • 1,310
  • 27

A device made with a bar graph and a Particle Photon to show the WiFi strength.

Lock and Unlock your car via the Internet!
  • 1,393
  • 26

Using an old car keyfob and a Particle Electron, you can remotely lock and unlock your vehicle.

Open Smart Hub : Home Automation
  • 43,700
  • 246

Work in progress

A smart home solution to all your separated "smart" devices that you can host yourself, customize, and add functionality to.

Pomodoro Timer
  • 489
  • 12

Particle Internet Button turned into Pomodoro Timer (any time interval!)

Hands-on-Lab Particle Photon Weather Station in Azure
  • 14,987
  • 84

Full instructions

This example demonstrates how to leverage Particle Photon and Microsoft Azure to create a weather station using the Sparkfun weather shield.

LED Reflection Clock
  • 817
  • 18

Work in progress

Using 60 LED's facing a suitable wall, the time is projected in colour.

Car or Motorbike Tracker
  • 1,130
  • 20

Work in progress

A GPS tracker for your car, motorcycle, bike and flying saucer, with data storage and map visualization. Not too hard, but no easy either...

Pool temperature monitor
  • 6,162
  • 46

Full instructions

Know the temperature of your pool anywhere, anytime

Networked RGB Wi-Fi Decorative Touch Lights
  • 6,669
  • 114

Full instructions

Easy to use Wi-Fi enabled touch lights that network to give you a beautiful and unobtrusive way to stay connected with the people you love.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Dinosaur Experience
  • 654
  • 17

Full instructions

Using Gesture sensor to control an Augmented Reality Dinosaur then get teleported to the world of Dinosaurs in Virtual Reality. Stay close.

Sending sound over the internet!
  • 11,558
  • 66

Full instructions

Broadcast audio, record voice commands, build internet walkie-talkies with this simple tutorial!

Photon Garage Opener using Do Button and IFTTT
  • 5,729
  • 42

Full instructions

Work your garage door from your Phone, Apple Watch, or based on the proximity to your house!

Building a WiFi Outlet
  • 56,844
  • 153

Full instructions

I decided to build a wifi-enabled outlet with my Spark Core.

Particle Photon Remote Temperature and Humidity Logger
  • 2,170
  • 35

Full instructions

Remote temperature and humidity sensor that logs data to, ThingSpeak and DynamoDB.

The Force of Things
  • 1,508
  • 29

Control all of your Things using "The Force." Also monitor your "Force" activity with ubidots.

Spark Non-Invasive Smart Electricity Meter
  • 13,831
  • 85

Full instructions

A simple Non-Invasive Smart Electricity Meter using Spark Core

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