Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Photon new
Particle Photon
VH400 Soil Moisture Sensor Probe
Particle relay shield
Software apps and online services:
Porter App
Use this app for Android/iOS control of the system
Particle 2.0 iOS App
Use this app for iOS (only) control of the system


Moisture sensor
Connect it to A0
Soil moisture sensor 1luksecacr vvfntxkptw


Plant UML code for the state machine of the firmwarePlain text
To draw the FSM image, copy paste this code in
skinparam backgroundColor LightYellow
skinparam state {
  BackgroundColor LightBlue
  BorderColor Gray
  FontName Impact

[*] --> initState

note left of initState : it lands here\nwhen the system\nboots

initState -down-> idleState: 10 seconds

idleState: valve closed
idleState -down-> valveOnState: moisture < threshold

valveOnState: valve open
valveOnState -> restState: 15 minutes

restState: valve closed
restState -up-> idleState: 30 minutes
github repo


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