Add push notifications to your hardware
  • 20,001
  • 66


Use Pushbullet to notify you of whatever your hardware is doing

Android Phone Finder Using Particle Photon Internet Button
  • 3,620
  • 37

Full instructions

Find your misplaced phone with the push of a button even if it's on silent or vibrate with the Particle Internet Button and IFTTT.

Particle Internet Button 434 MHz Remote
  • 2,773
  • 22

Full instructions

Controlling 434 MHz remote outlets with a Particle Internet Button and beyond!

Pomodoro Timer
  • 997
  • 13

Particle Internet Button turned into Pomodoro Timer (any time interval!)

Particle Photon - Simon
  • 1,194
  • 21

Full instructions

Remake of the 1978 classic toy. No assembly required, using Particle's "Internet Button".

Internet Button Notifier
  • 1,107
  • 13

Get notifications on your mobile phone from your Particle Internet Button.

Particle Sun (a simulated sunrise alarm clock)
  • 541
  • 5

Super simple sunrise alarm clock built with a Particle Internet Button and a react-native mobile app.

Step-by-step guide to make a physical dashboard
  • 1,225
  • 12

Full instructions

A series of steps to display information from the web to a physical display. Perfect for artists looking to make a connected object.

Build a Super Bowl touchdown light with Spark and IFTTT
  • 723
  • 6

Full instructions

Light turns blue and green when there's a Seahawks touchdown and red and blue when there's a Patriots touchdown

Audience Distractor 3000
  • 623
  • 4

Text Crayola color names to animate a ring of lights. Put this device in front of you during a talk and audience distraction is guaranteed!

Squeaky R2D2 Notification Button
  • 338
  • 2

Full instructions

Leverage a Particle Internet Button (Photon) to do visual and audible notifications through Particle's API.

Air Quality Index Monitoring with Photon Internet Button
  • 155
  • 0

See the Air Quality Index (AQI) at a glance to determine if it is safe for you or your loved ones' environmental senses to be out.

Meeting Room Minder - WRAP IT UP!
  • 114
  • 3

Full instructions

Sometimes you need a countdown timer when your meeting is scheduled to end so that everyone knows to wrap it up and get ready to get out.

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