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O Holy Night
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This project recreates the Nativity Scene using the Particle Photon, NeoPixels, and a custom iOS app.

Alexa, turn on the light
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Ask Amazon Alexa to control a light ft. NeoPixels and Particle Photon.

Particle Weather Station ft. Amazon Alexa
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Ask Amazon Alexa for the temperature and humidity from a Particle Photon

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Home Automation using Particle and Amazon Echo
  • 10,257
  • 77

Full instructions

Home Automation using Particle and Amazon Echo

Web-enabled NeoPixels Using Particle + Octoblu
  • 4,917
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Full instructions

Control NeoPixels from the cloud! Connect them to anything! Trigger from your IOS/Android/Web and even Android Wear. Uses Photon or Core.

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