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Pool temperature monitor

Know the temperature of your pool anywhere, anytime

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Pool temperature monitor

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Particle Photon
you can use a Photon or a Core (you do not need both)
Spark Core
Particle Spark Core
you can use a Photon or a Core (you do not need both)
you can use this thermistor in place of the previous one


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How to connect the Particle and the thermistor - the real thing

- the thermistor goes between A0 and GND
- the 10k resistor (provided with your thermistor) goes between the 3v3* pin and A0

Breadboard view

This shows how to wire your components

Schematic view

Another view at how to wire your components

Fritzing source file



Paste this code in Particle Build and flash it!


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