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The Little Red Box™

The Little Red Box contains a Photon with attached soil moisture, soil temperature and a UV/IR/Visible light sensor. It uploads data to d...

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The Little Red Box™

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Particle Photon
SparkFun Photon Battery Shield
Adafruit Lithium Ion Polymer battery 2500ma
SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor (with Screw Terminals)
SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor (with Screw Terminals)
SparkFun Soil Temperature Sensor
Adafruit SI1145 UV/IR/visible light sensor
Adafruit Rugged On/Off Pushbutton with green LED
SparkFun Screw - Phillips Head (1/2", 4-40, 10 pack)
SparkFun Standoff - Nylon (4-40; 3/8"; 10 pack)

Software apps and online services

SparkFun Phant

Hand tools and fabrication machines

SparkFun Big Red Box - Enclosure
fused silica glass .5 inches-part # P105040
Adafruit Waterproof Polarized 4-Wire Cable Set-count 4
USB Waterproof Connector - Rugged part# RR-214300-30 count 1
Seal Cap (Optional) for USB Connector part#RR-1C523122
PLAY X STORE®6-Inch Micro USB to Mini USB Adapter Cable M/M
Adafruit Cable Gland PG-9 size - 0.158" to 0.252" Cable Diameter - PG-9


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Photon on SparkFun Battery Shield

Photon and battery shield with wired sensors, pushbutton switch and USB connector.

Pushbutton On/Off switch.

Pushbutton On/Off switch with LED. LED lights when switch is operated or power is applied to USB connector. To charge the battery the switch must be in the ON position and power applied to the USB connector.

SI1145 Adafruit breakout board

The SI1145 breakout board from Adafruit is a sensor that outputs UV Index, IR and visible light intensity. It uses the I2C bus.





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